Two Big Changes

I’d like to use this post to announce 2 big changes in my life. The first one is that since now I will post here in English instead of Portuguese. With this, I’d like to make my blog more understandable outside Brazil. I’m not sure I’m ready to write everything I think in a foreign language, but the only way to find it out is to begin writing and see what happen. So, here I am. For the practice I will also write some poetry in English, in my poetry blog.

The second change in my life is that I’ve just became a film maker. I’ve done my first short film and I’d like to share it with you.
The film title is “Todo mundo tem o direito a vida – todo mundo tem o direito igual”, which means Everybody has the rights for life – everybody has the same rights”. It’s the story of a foot and a dog. The foot wants to dance as the dog just want to turn around the table in infinite cycles. They both have their rights to do it whenever they want, and I hope they continue doing forever and ever. I’d like to thank Lenine for the soundtrack and if the film goes someday to hollywood I promise pay all the rights…

Thanks you for the audience!

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