Master Thesis defense – Patterns for Introducing new Ideas in the Software Industry

I invite you to my master thesis defense next monday at IME-USP – Here’s is the address and time:

  • Rua do Matão, 1000 – Universidade de São Paulo.
  • 2pm in Auditório Jacy Monteiro
The thesis is about Patterns for introducing new ideas in the software industry.
You can read the whole thesis in this address. Here’s the abstract in English:

The software industry is very dynamic and new ideas arise all the time from virtually any part of the world. It is not guaranteed that these ideas will be adopted, mainly because, among other obstacles, the solution may imply in having people change their way of thinking. Different from people, computers recieve a well defined command and execute it precisely. We should take into account that human beings are independent and unpredictable. Despite of this unpredictability, we can find some behavioral patterns to help us deal with several situations, allowing us to achieve our objectives.
This work brings a small introduction into the pattern concept and a presentation of the 48 Patterns for Introducing New Ideas. These patterns provide some insight into the difficult task of introducing new ideas into any organization. We show that if the idea brings cultural changes of any kind, then the task is even more complicated. We also suggest four new patterns that can be attached to the original catalog.
In one of these new patterns we show the great importance of combining artistic activities with the day-to-day activities of people who work in software development and how Arts can help us to introduce new ideas. The study of some practices like theater, painting, poetry, music and meditation allowed us to find some connection elements between the purely mathematical side of the human mind and its creative, artistic one. Software development must be approached as a “human activity”, rather than a solely technical or logical one. Above all, there are two groups of people involved in the process: the software creators and the users. Although a barrier appears to separate these two groups, in this paper we will assert that this divide can be bridged if IT professional nurture their artistic and interpersonal relationship skills in addition to their obvious technical ones.

3 Comments Master Thesis defense – Patterns for Introducing new Ideas in the Software Industry

  1. Leandro Stein

    Oi Daniel, tudo bem?
    Sou estudante de jornalismo da ECA e faço parte da Agência Universitária de Notícias (, que faz a cobertura da produção científica e cultural da universidade.
    Cubro especificamente o IME e me interessei pela sua dissertação.
    Você poderia me conceder uma entrevista sobre os padrões que você apresentou?
    Meu e-mail para contato é
    Espero sua resposta.


    Leandro Stein
    (12) 97810747

  2. Douglas .

    Tenho acompanhado seu trabalho e esta de parabéns. Gostaria de acessar sua dissertação só que o link esta quebrado.



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