Art in our children’s education

In this video, Ken Robinson shows how schools kill creativity.
The coolest part is when he says today we are forgeting we have a body. We focus just on our heads, because the ultimate objective of one would be become a University Professor. He says Professors are people who think their body are just transport for their heads. The body exists just to take our heads to meetings.

I can extend this to every IT professional. We are tremendously focused on our heads. I admit that sometime I forget I have a body (Thankfully, not every time)! We need to start dancing!

I was used to dance forro before I’ve got married. It was a great time in my life (nothing to do with the girls I’ve got there). Now I dance with my wife sometimes, not so often, but every time it happens it’s a big pleasure and I have no doubts that, if I start to measure my productivity on week that I dance, I’ll get better results on dancing weeks.

Whatch the video, take you own conclusion and, LET’S DANCE!

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