Apple Web Site Evolution

Just for fun, I’ve entered Web Archive to get the Apple’s website version for the last 10 years.

1997 – this is the first version I could get. It was ugly, red, and left aligned!

1998 – Still left aligned, but cleaner. Apple logo was colored that time.

1999 – Now Apple logo is white on black
2000 – Menu is put on top of page and looks like today’s apple site. Home has 1 big picture of a main product and 4 small pictures. Logo is red. Web site is centralized on browser.
2001 – No big changes from 2000.

2002 – The gray menu is very similar to today’s Apple WebSite. There’s a search field on the bottom of the page, with footer links

2003 – No big changes from 2002. Everything is so gray…

2004 – Mac Mini is launched. Web site is a little bit colored, but the design remains the same.

2005 – Still the same website of 2002.

2006 – Big changes with iPhone’s introduction. Website is black. Footer is gray.

2007/2008 – Menu is the same of today’s (2010) – The images from webarchive are broken… 🙂
Site is designed for 1024px width resolutions. Apple becomes WHITE and clean (like my washing machine). Search field goes up (like spotlight in Mac OS X)

2009-2010 – Website is bigger than ever, you have to scroll down to see the whole page, everything remains white.

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