Technology Glossary

Here’s a small table of many terms I’ll have to be used to in my PhD program, which starts on the next month. It’s just a small part of hundreds of abbreviations we software developers have to deal with on our daily work. Please comment down if you have suggestions to add to this table. I’m sure every person can add at least 30 itens to this table:

a.k.a. Also known as
API Application Programming Interface

a.k.a. Also known as
API Application Programming Interface
BDD Behavior Driven Development
BPEL Business Process Execution Language
BPEL4SWBPMI Business Process Execution Language for Semantic WeBusiness Process Management Initiative
BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation
BPSS Business Process Specification Schema
CA Consortium Agreement
CBDI Component Based Development and Integration
CBDI-SAE CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering
DAML DARPA Agent Markup Language
DAML-S DARPA Agent Markup Language for Services
DCV&V Decentralized Collaborative Validation and Verification
DDD Domain Driven Design
DL Deliverable Leader
DoDAF Department of Defense Architecture Framework
DOW /DoW Description of Work
DSB Distributed ESB
EAI Enterprise Application Integration
EDA Event-Driven Architecture
EFSM Extended Finite State Machine
ESB Enterprise Service Bus
ETP European Technology Platform
FI Future Internet
FIA Future Internet Assembly
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GRL Goal Representation Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IAC Industrial Advisory Committee
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDRE Integrated Development and Runtime Environment
IT Information Technology
JBI Java Business Integration
MBT Model-Based Testing
MDD Model Driven Development
MODAF Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework
MST Management support team
M2M Model-to-Model
M2T Model-to-Text
OMG Object Management Group
OSGi Open Services Gateway Initiative
OSS Open Source Software
OWL Ontology Web Language
OWL-S Ontology Web Language for Services
PaaS Platform as a Service
PL Project Leader
PMT Project Management Committee
PO Project Officer
PTC Project Technical Committee
QoS Quality of Service
R&D Research & Development
RDF Resource Description Framework
REST REpresentational State Transfer
RTD Research and Technology Development
SaaS Software as a Service
S-APL Semantic-Agent Programming Language
SAWSDL Semantically Annotated Web Service Description Language
SBPM Semantic Business Process Management
SL Scientific Leader
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLS Service Level Specification
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SoaML Service-oriented architecture Modeling Language
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOC Service-Oriented Computing
SoTA /SOTA State of The Art
SQL Structured Query Language
TCC Test Collaboration Contracts
TDD Test-Driven Development / Design
TSC Testing Service Contract
UDDI Universal Description Discovery and Integration
ULS Ultra-Large-Scale
ULS-FI Ultra-Large-Scale Future Internet
UML Unified Modeling Language
UMM UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology
UPDM Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF
V&V Verification & Validation
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WP Work Package
WPL Work Package Leader

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