What is CHOReOS?

Next month I’ll start my PhD program @ University of São Paulo.

I’ll work on a project called CHOReOS – Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet. People are asking me what is this project, what I will study, what exactly I’ll do and I have a simple answer to these questions: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know exactly. But I know it’s cool and that I will be involved with great people. That’s enough.

But I promisse, as soon as I start understanding deeply the CHOReOS project, I’ll post details on my blog. For now, you can have the explanation given at the project’s blog:

What is CHOReOS?

  • CHOReOS is a joint IT research and development project, whose sixteen members consist of companies, universities and research centers from six European countries and Brazil.
  • CHOReOS is a project of the FP7 European program: FP7-ICT-2009-5 – Objective 1.2; it is co-funded by the European Commission (8.665.785 € of investments).
  • CHOReOS is a high-technology software project addressing one of the most acute challenges of the future Internet of Services: the design and management of ultra large-scale web services coordination.
  • CHOReOS is an open source project, the technology developed by the project will be publicly accessible from software repositories hosted on the OW2 Forge.
  • CHOReOS is a nascent community, a community that will come together and share via this web site, LinkedIn, Twitter, StatusNet and IRC.

What CHOReOS is not.

  • CHOReOS is not a company and you cannot buy shares in it.
  • CHOReOS is not a Greek island.

For more details, here’s the CHOReOS website.

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