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The CHOReOS Solution

CHOReOS will implement a framework for scalable choreography development. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware. Prior to this, these solutions were only possible with the support of dedicated IT professionals to provide the skills needed for architectural design and software engineering.
CHOReOS will deliver formally grounded abstractions and models, dynamic choreography-centric development processes, governance and service-oriented middleware manipulated via an Integrated Development Runtime Environment (IDRE) aimed at overcoming the ULS impact on software system development.

Here is what to expect from the CHOReOS project:

  • Abstractions and models
  • A choreography-based development environment
  • Service-oriented middleware
  • Governance mechanisms

Formally grounded abstractions and models for the Future Internet of Services

CHOReOS will elaborate a reference software architecture for the target choreography-based software systems, introducing abstractions for services, interaction protocols, and coordination (choreography patterns). Abstractions are central to the software engineering discipline. Indeed, abstraction is an essential means to deal with complexity. Formally grounded abstractions and models enable reasoning about the properties, both functional and non-functional, of ULS choreographies.

Dynamic choreography-centric development process and supporting environment for the Future Internet

CHOReOS will define a model-driven process and provide the necessary tools to enable rigorous and systematized development, as well as requirements specifications and choreography modelling by domain experts (as opposed to IT professionals) including further synthesis of concrete adaptable, QoS-aware choreographies built on top of an ultra-large repository of services (service base).

A dynamic choreography-centric development process allows the fusion of the user/developer/system roles, while managing the ULS service base and supports the synthesis of scalable and adaptable choreographies.

Service-oriented middleware for the Future Internet

Here’s where my PhD work will be focused!!!

CHOReOS will implement service middleware support, effectively enabling the deployment of adaptable, QoS-aware choreographies in the ULS Future Internet, integrating and further evolving the latest research advances in the area of Grid and Cloud computing, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and pervasive computing. Service-oriented middleware enables adaptable choreographies over ESB-based middleware, Grids, Clouds, and technologies for the Internet of Things, thus overcoming scalability and heterogeneity issues of the Future Internet.

Governance and V&V for the Future Internet

CHOReOS will define concepts of governance of services and choreographies. To support governance CHOReOS will develop mechanisms for Verification and Validation (V&V) of adaptable, QoS-aware choreographies in the context of the ULS Future Internet. Such mechanisms will be conceived to apply model-based techniques and to extend V&V activities to run-time. Governance includes service integration policies and rules, as well as tools for dynamic verification and validation of choreographies.

Last but not least, CHOReOS assesses the industrial exploitation of this choreography-centric vision by experimenting on three demanding use cases in different domains (passenger-friendly airportmobile-enabled coordination of peoplevehicular network) and by carrying out a study of social-technical factors.

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