Using your Hack abilities to help Japan

I’ve just received this message from Elizabeth Sabet, and I’d like to share it with all my friends. If you can help, please go ahead! Use your technical skills for the good of others:

As we watch with shock and profound sadness the tragedy unfolding in Japan and across the Pacific rim in the wake of the Sendai earthquake, our hearts and sympathies are with the families affected and their loved ones around the world. Both personally and professionally, we are deeply sensitive to the challenges now facing that region.

We know many of you in the Random Hacks of Kindness community feel an urgency to take action in some way, to express your solidarity with the people of Japan and to offer your time, skills and efforts in their support.
There are many incredible initiatives out there that are actively engaged in the response efforts, working with volunteer technologists and citizens alike to channel their concern into action. We know they would welcome your help. These are just a few that we are aware of:

The Crisis Commons Volunteer Community

Crisis Mappers Net: The International Network of Crisis Mappers

OpenStreetMap (OpenStreetMap Japan)

Ushahidi (in Japanese)

Google Crisis Response (English)/(Japanese)

Microsoft Disaster Response

Yahoo!: How to Help

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