MiniPLoP Brasil 2011


MiniPLoP 2011

Software developers have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

MiniPLoP brings together researchers, educators, and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics and who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form. MiniPLoP invites you to add your expertise to the growing corpus of patterns. MiniPLoP focuses on improving the expression of patterns. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts. You will also be able to discuss applications of patterns in industry and academia.

Highlights of the conference include an international tutorial, an introduction to pattern writing, an international keynote, and the writer’s workshops.

This version of MiniPLoP has the goal to encourage the beginners in the pattern world and to put together the Latin-american pattern community. The MiniPLoP program will accept submissions for the Writers’ Workshop (WW) track. The papers should document patterns and pattern languages and they will be workshopped in the traditional PLoP format.

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General Chairs

Eduardo Martins Guerra (ITA, Brasil)

Fabio Kon (IME/USP, Brasil)

Program Co-chairs

Claudio Sant’Anna (UFBA, Brasil)

Joseph W. Yoder (U. Illinois/The Refactory, Inc, USA)

Local Organization

Allan Machado da Silva (ITA, Brasil)

Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos (IME/USP, Brasil)

Daniel Cukier (IME/USP, Brasil)

José Roberto Campos Perillo (ITA, Brasil)

Jefferson de Oliveira Silva (ITA, Brasil)

Program Committee

Ademar Aguiar (INESC Porto/University of Porto, Portugal)

Brian Foote (Industrial Logic, Inc, USA)

Eduardo Guerra (ITA, Brazil)

Filipe Correia (Porto University, Portugal)

Gustavo H. Rossi (Lifia/UNLP, Argentina)

Hugo Sereno Ferreira (INESC Porto/University of Porto, Portugal)

Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza (UECE, Brazil)

Linda Rising (Independent Consultant, USA)

Lise Hvatum (Schlumberger, USA)

Tiago Massoni (DSC/UFCG, Brazil)

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (Wirfs-Brock Associates, USA)

Richard Gabriel (IBM Research, USA)

Roberta Coelho (DIMAp/UFRN, Brazil)

Rohit Gueyi (DSC/UFCG, Brazil)

Rosana Braga (ICMC/USP, Brazil)

Rossana Andrade (DC/UFC, Brazil)

Sergio Soares (CIn/UFPE, Brazil)

Uirá Kulesza (DIMAP/UFRN, Brazil)

Additional Shepherds

Daniel Cukier (IME/USP, Brasil)

Jefferson de Oliveira Silva (ITA, Brasil)

Tarciane Andrade (UECE, Brasil)

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