Elevator Bug

This is a common scene in the Condominio São Luiz elevators: every now and then appears a blue screen, or a Windows message telling people in the elevator to contact Microsoft. This morning it happened again. There was some kind of trouble with Adobe Flash Player plugin. “Inform this problem to Microsoft”

2 weeks ago I met another message box in the elevator. “The system has been recovered from a serious error”. If the system had a seriour error and has been recovered, why this message? What if the elevator stops between floor 9 and 10 and you get a message box: “Your elevator is in serious problem, please contact Microsoft for recovery”. I’m terrified. Does anybody has Bill Gates phone number, please?

Would a elevator running Linux or Mac fail the same way? Maybe yes, maybe not. But please, don’t ask me to call Microsoft! I’m stuck in the elevator! Call the fireman!!!