Convite – exame de qualificação doutorado – Startup Ecosystem Framework

Convido colegas e professores ao meu exame de qualificação de Doutorado em Ciência da Computação, trabalho do grupo de pesquisa em Empreendedorismo de Software do IME-USP

Título: Startup Ecosystem Framework

Candidato: Daniel Cukier
Data: Terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015
Horário: 10:00 horas
Local: IME-USP, sala 2 – Bloco B

Comissão julgadora:

Prof. Dr. Fabio Kon (Presidente) IME – USP
Prof. Dr. Guilherme Ary Plonski FEA – USP
Prof. Dr. Paulo Antonio Borges Lemos UNICAMP

Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio Gerosa IME – USP
Prof. Dr. Martinho Isnard Ribeiro de Almeida FEA – USP


After the popularization of Internet in the 90s and the mobile technologies in the 2000s, we saw an amazing growth on creation of new high-tech companies around the globe. Most of these companies, known as startups, are born in technology clusters also called startup ecosystems. The objective of this PhD research is to advance the understanding of how software startups work, what are the elements that influence their behavior and how startups relate with other players in their ecosystem. For that, we are developing a conceptual framework model by using qualitative research techniques. In these presentation, we will explain the methodology, as well as the preliminary results for both São Paulo and Israeli ecosystems and the expected outputs of a third case-study in a mature ecosystem

O que é doutorado (PhD)?

Doutores Discutindo

Há seis meses, decidi me embrenhar no mundo acadêmico e iniciar um longo período (de no mínimo 3 anos) de doutorado. Desde então, várias pessoas me perguntam “Como está indo?”, “Está gostando?” e, principalmente, “O que é doutorado? (também conhecido como PhD)”. Eu ainda não tenho uma resposta clara para essas perguntas, mas tenho certeza que quando estiver mais maduro, farei um post sério sobre isso aqui no meu blog. Por hora, vou deixar um texto que eu recebi em uma das aulas, que me parece ser [no momento] a definição mais apropriada para doutorado. É uma brincadeira, mas que tem um certo fundo de verdade…
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More about CHOReOS

The CHOReOS Solution

CHOReOS will implement a framework for scalable choreography development. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware. Prior to this, these solutions were only possible with the support of dedicated IT professionals to provide the skills needed for architectural design and software engineering.
CHOReOS will deliver formally grounded abstractions and models, dynamic choreography-centric development processes, governance and service-oriented middleware manipulated via an Integrated Development Runtime Environment (IDRE) aimed at overcoming the ULS impact on software system development.
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What is CHOReOS?

Next month I’ll start my PhD program @ University of São Paulo.

I’ll work on a project called CHOReOS – Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet. People are asking me what is this project, what I will study, what exactly I’ll do and I have a simple answer to these questions: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know exactly. But I know it’s cool and that I will be involved with great people. That’s enough.
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Technology Glossary

Here’s a small table of many terms I’ll have to be used to in my PhD program, which starts on the next month. It’s just a small part of hundreds of abbreviations we software developers have to deal with on our daily work. Please comment down if you have suggestions to add to this table. I’m sure every person can add at least 30 itens to this table:

a.k.a. Also known as
API Application Programming Interface

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