Jango, Rails and RESTful – Integrating websites in 18 minutes and 18 lines of code.

Jango.com is one of the most incredible on-line radios I know and some time ago I decided to put Daniella Alcarpe songs on this site. Jango has many things that make artists life happier and easier: you pay Jango to play your songs to people who probably will like your song. For example, Daniella sings Brazilian Bossa Music, so in Jango I choosed to play her songs just for people who like this kind of music, people who listen to João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and so on.

After songs starts playing, the artist starts to get fans. And they really come! With just 2 months of Jango, Daniella has almost 400 new fans, from all over the world.
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