Pedaços da Terra – De onde vêm nossos Gadgets?

Acabei de voltar de uma exposição lindíssima que está acontecendo no SESC Vila Mariana em São Paulo. O nome é “Pedaços da Terra“. Vale muito a pena dar uma conferida! Parece que ela foi feita especialmente (mas não somente) para um público como nós, Geeks, que temos tecnologia correndo nas veias. Vocês vão se surpreender com o que verão lá.
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MiniPLoP Brasil 2011


MiniPLoP 2011

Software developers have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

MiniPLoP brings together researchers, educators, and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics and who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form. MiniPLoP invites you to add your expertise to the growing corpus of patterns. MiniPLoP focuses on improving the expression of patterns. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts. You will also be able to discuss applications of patterns in industry and academia.
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Technology Glossary

Here’s a small table of many terms I’ll have to be used to in my PhD program, which starts on the next month. It’s just a small part of hundreds of abbreviations we software developers have to deal with on our daily work. Please comment down if you have suggestions to add to this table. I’m sure every person can add at least 30 itens to this table:

a.k.a. Also known as
API Application Programming Interface

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